About Us



Established in 1992, American Sport Floors is a full service sport flooring company, specializing in wood, synthetic, and rubber gymnasium floors.  As a family owned business, we believe in stability and in our long term goals. At American Sport Floors, we cherish the loyalty of our clients, and are always looking to build relationships with our existing and new clients.  We take pride in our quality and guarantee your satisfaction and hope you choose American Sport Floors as your preferred floor installer. 



As a Robbins Authorized dealer, American Sport Floors has access to The Robbins Institute. The Robbins Institute is where you can truly get the low down on high tech sport floors. Whether you're an Athletic Director, Coach, Aerobics Instructor, Health Club Owner, Building and Grounds Manager, School or Town Official, Architect, or City Purchaser, the Robbins Institute can make your decision an informed and educated one. Let us help you get your project off on the right foot!


This certification is under M.G.L Ch. 149A. For more information please visit the MASS.gov website by clicking on DCAMM certified.